Is there travel insurance that will cover my laptop and camera?


Yes, cameras, laptops and other expensive equipment can be covered under your travel insurance policy.

After all, such equipment is no longer luxury for the traveler, but is necessity. You would want to take high-definition pictures using your camera or to entertain yourself during long waits at the airport by having a laptop that plays DVDs. A laptop will also keep you connected, which is important for business travelers who need to keep in touch with the head office. Thus, a laptop is covered as part of the standard offering of a business travel insurance plan.

However, it is best to check your policy's provisions to ensure that it does provide coverage. You should also check whether there are limits as to how much they will pay when you lose an expensive piece of equipment. There are also travel insurance plans that only cover luggage and personal effects.

There are travel insurance plans that provide cover not just for the loss of the equipment, but also for damage inflicted on it.

Some Limitations

The insurance plan may have a given limit as to how much they would pay in case you lose your equipment. The limit is usually applicable to all your equipment, and not to each individual equipment.

Also, there are specific conditions as to when the insurance company will pay. Usually, they will not pay if you leave this equipment and let it out of your personal possession (like what could happen if you leave your laptop in your hotel room and it gets stolen).

What to Do When Travel Insurance Does Not Cover Your Equipment

If your travel insurance plan does not cover laptops and cameras, you may request for this additional cover for an additional premium.

However, you should also check whether your home contents insurance already covers your equipment. When it does, you don't have to purchase additional cover, as your existing home contents insurance will pay for theft, loss or damage, under certain conditions. Again, it is best for you to take a look at this policy to determine the circumstances when the insurance company will pay for the loss, theft or damage.

At any rate, it is wise to take special care of your equipment and to always have it in your presence.

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