Why do I need international travel health insurance? I am already covered by my local health insurance.


When you go out of the country, please remember that more often than not, your local health insurance cover does not go with you. That means that when you get sick while you are out of your home country, you may not be able to receive the benefits that your local health insurance stands to provide.

Your local health insurance policy usually has restrictions that limit coverage inside your home country. It will not also pay for claims regarding emergency evacuation costs, when you need to be transported from the country you are traveling in back to your home country.

This is where international travel health insurance comes in.

It provides you with medical insurance cover when you get hospitalized while you are traveling. You are covered for virtually all sicknesses, except those that are listed under Pre-existing medical conditions and those that are expressly excluded.

Some good international travel health insurance products also have deals with some hospitals and doctors abroad, so that in case you need to be hospitalized, you don't have to pay for it. The insurance company will settle the bill directly with the hospital. In case you are admitted to a hospital or treated by a doctor that is not included in their list of accredited providers, what you can do is to first pay for the treatments then have these reimbursed when you come back.

Of course, these kinds of benefits are subject to a maximum policy limit, as well to a maximum benefit limit and a maximum number of days.

It is important that you call the company before you are admitted. The insurance company can then contact the hospital or provider directly and arrange that the billing be forwarded to them for payment.

Thus, we recommend that you also have yourself covered with international travel health insurance even when you are already covered by a local health insurance plan. Aside from the medical benefits, you can also enjoy the standard travel insurance benefits included in the policy. These usually include payment for claims on non-refundable tickets and hotel deposits, lost or damaged baggage, stolen personal items as well as emergency medical evacuation.

You can request your local health insurer to suspend the local health coverage while you are away, and thus get a refund for the days you are not covered.

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