When should I buy Annual Multi-Trip Travel Insurance?


Annual Multi-trip travel insurance is for those who travel more often in a year. (Lucky you!)

In getting this kind of coverage, one is able to enjoy the savings and convenience of having year-round cover so that all he needs to do is arrange details of the trip, knowing that travel protection is already provided. You don't have to go and buy travel insurance every time you go on a trip. This makes annual multi-trip travel insurance an ideal choice for businessmen and professionals who are always on the go and who have unpredictable travel schedules.

If you think you will be traveling for three or more times in the next year, it would come out cheaper if you bought an annual multi-trip travel insurance instead of a single trip travel insurance policy. With an annual travel insurance coverage, you can enjoy either a specified number of travel days or a specified number of trips in a year.

There are other additional benefits to multi-trip insurance. It may also cover activities that are usually excluded in single trip travel insurance (the ones that are considered risky activities). In addition, it covers other eventualities that are considered not likely to happen during single trips. Although multi-trip travel insurance generally has high "excess" levels, you can opt to have the excess waived for an added premium.

However, there are also some drawbacks to buying this kind of insurance. It usually has a blanket exclusion for terrorist attacks and activities. If you don't go to at least three trips in a year, it will come out more expensive than buying single-trip travel insurance. Also, this kind of insurance has age limits and is not available for those who are more than 65 years of age.

When you are thinking of buying annual multi-trip travel insurance, it will be good for you to take a look at the benefits provided. This would usually include protection against lost or stolen baggage, travel delays or cancellation, hospital benefit and emergency assistance.

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