What should I look for when I am buying travel insurance over the Internet?


Hurray for the internet!

Because of the Internet, you can let your fingers do your shopping for you. You can now easily browse, compare and choose the travel insurance that's best for you. You can then put in your payment details and voila! You are covered with travel insurance during your trip!

However, there are booby traps and land mines you have to avoid. Although a lot of the travel insurance companies and agents selling travel insurance online are legitimate, there are a few unscrupulous sellers you should avoid.

In addition, the ability to compare and research online has given one a lot of power, but it can also be a bit confusing. So, how does one determine the things to look for when buying travel insurance online?

First, look at the benefits. What are the benefits offered and how do these fare with respect to your needs?

For example, you may not need a $2,000 maximum limit on your baggage (you are only planning to bring four pairs of worn-out jeans and a few shirts, anyway). Or else, you may notice that some of the maximum benefit limits are too small for your needs. Weigh the possibility that you will need the benefits listed. In addition, study the exclusions as well.

Don't be tempted by a deal that's too good to be true. First, look to see that the one selling the insurance is reputable and can be trusted. Now, when you have made your choice of travel insurance (the plan and provider) and you are ready to pay for your travel insurance product?

Check as to the safety of your information. Does the site have a privacy policy? Does it expressly state that it will not sell your private information to a third party? Also, look to see that when you make the purchase through the credit card or through Paypal, that these transactions are secure. There is usually a "lock" sign that denotes that the site is secure.

Also, remember that if you are also buying something that relates to your health (such as buying medical cover for a pre-existing medical condition), the insurance company will need to ask you extensive questions about your health. This may also be the cause as to why your policy is not immediately effective. Wait for the confirmation from the travel insurance company to be sure.

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