What to avoid when choosing an annual travel insurance?


How do you choose the travel insurance plan that best suits you? When looking for a travel insurance plan, especially an annual travel insurance plan, it is not only advisable to look at the benefits, but also to look at the things to avoid.

Here are the things that you should look into and avoid when you are choosing an annual travel insurance product:

  • Policies with low limits. Avoid travel insurance plans that provide low limits for every benefit they offer. For example, if the travel insurance policy will only pay for hardly half of a day's hospitalization, you will still have to shell out money in case you are hospitalized.
  • Policies with a lot of exclusions and restrictions. If a travel insurance policy provides you with a lot of restrictions, something may happen to you that is supposedly covered by the insurance but is actually not payable because it is excluded. For example, if you get injured because of an act of terrorism, your hospitalization expenses may not be paid by the insurance company if acts of terrorism are excluded from the cover.
  • Travel Insurance providers that are not relatively known in the industry and that have not developed a consistent track record. Deal only with reputable insurance providers or insurance agents. You can find out more by looking at other user's comments with regards to the provider. Also, look to see how they treat claims - to know if they have the tendency to reject claims and avoid payment to customers. In addition, check to ensure that the insurance agent or company has a toll-free number for you to call in case you have to make some inquiries. Remember, there are a lot of scams that target those who purchase online insurance so be sure that the company you are dealing with is legitimate.
  • Websites that do not offer security on your personal and credit card information. The website should be securely encrypted so that unscrupulous people cannot hack in and steal your information.

When choosing an annual travel insurance plan, it is best to research, shop around and compare coverage and premiums. That way, you get the deal that is best for you.

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