What things should I know about travel insurance to the UK?


Well, travel insurance in the UK is generally the same as other travel insurance plans in other countries.

However, travel insurance that you buy in the UK is usually cheaper than those bought for travelling to other countries. This is because this kind of insurance does not include medical cover. Travel insurance from other countries provide benefits like personal accident, burglary and theft, personal liability, and medical expenses, but this will mean that the cover would be more expensive.

If you are planning to travel to the UK, we strongly recommend that you buy travel insurance with medical cover. Getting medical treatment in the UK is expensive and you may be shocked to run up a bill that reaches thousands of dollars even with a short stay at the hospital.

For residents and citizens of the UK, medical expenses normally are not a problem, since they are covered by the NHS or the National Health Service. With the NHS, there is a comprehensive cover provided for virtually all the medical expenses that will be needed.

However, since you are not a citizen, you will not be eligible for cover from the NHS, so you need to buy travel insurance that also protects you against crippling costs in case you are injured or fall ill while you are on your holiday or business trip.

With a more comprehensive travel insurance with medical cover, you are not only covered for medical expenses. You are also protected against losses you may incur due to lost or stolen baggage, delays in your trip, forfeiture of pre-paid tickets and hotel reservations, and many other things that can go wrong during your UK vacation.

One peculiarity with travel insurance issued in the UK is that it is only limited to travel outside of the UK. In some cases, travel insurance may be issued for travel within the UK, but the distance should be at least a specified number of miles away from one's home or residence. In addition, travel insurance is issued only for holidays and vacations and not for business trips.

When buying travel insurance for the UK, be sure to check their trip cancellation and curtailment benefit. Hotels in the UK are more often than not more expensive that those in other countries. So, if your flight is delayed and you have to stay additional nights in the UK, it would help to have a higher benefit limit for flight delays.

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