Is there travel insurance that can protect against extreme and adventure sports?


Are you yearning for the adrenaline rush provided only by extreme sports? Do you crave the feeling of pitting your skydiving skills against the treacherous wind? Do you want to experience how it feels to jump off a cliff with only a bungee rope preventing you from the hard rocks below?

The rush of extreme and adventure sports is quite something. And there are those who prefer this feeling rather than indulge in other relatively "staid" and standard sports such as windsurfing, sailing or golf.

However, please do not make the mistake of thinking that extreme and adventure sports are covered in a standard travel insurance policy. More likely, it is not. All of the travel insurance policies absolutely exclude hazardous or dangerous activities. And these terms, hazardous and dangerous can be subject to the interpretation of the travel insurance company. Please don't wait until you are in the hospital for you to discover this fact.

The good news is that:
Yes, there are specialized travel insurance plans for extreme and adventure sports.

However, you need to understand that these sports and extreme activities often come with restrictions. For example, when it comes to scuba diving, there is a limit as to how many meters you can dive into. When you are going tobogganing, there may be a requirement of having a guide nearby. When you go mountain climbing, you are only limited to a specified altitude.

When you plan to immerse yourself into a particular extreme and adventure sport, you should make sure that you purchase travel insurance that covers this. Of course, with the higher risk, you should expect higher premium payments. But when you compare this premium to what you will stand to pay in hospital or emergency evacuation fees, the amount would be very reasonable.

Be sure that all the terms, conditions and exclusions are clearly made known to you. This is to avoid having your insurance invalidated because you have somehow violated the rules.

Travel insurance for extreme and adventure sports will cover medical expenses, as well as Search and Rescue Cover and Emergency Evacuation. Other benefits may include insurance cover not just for your baggage but for your sports equipment also.

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