I’m already over 70. Are there any travel insurance products for me?


Yes, there are a lot of providers that sell travel insurance for those over 70. Seniors also have every right to travel and even make up a considerable part of the world's travelers and holiday makers. Insurance companies have provided you with a product that will suit your needs and give you the assurance that you are covered for your travels.

Travel insurance for those over 70 includes benefits like trip cancellation, baggage insurance, personal accident, legal expenses and even optional medical cover. You can get single trip or annual multi-trip travel insurance. You can also opt to have coverage for winter sports, weddings or golf trips.

Medical Cover

If you want to avail of medical-related benefits or if you want to have your pre-existing medical condition included in the cover, there may be extensive questions and requirements regarding your health condition. You will undergo medical screening so that the travel insurance company can appropriately assess your level of risk and determine whether it is feasible to cover you or not.

The important thing is that you should provide all the necessary information and not hide any facts about your health, particularly about your pre-existing medical condition. Doing so may cause your claim to be denied later on.

How Your 70 Years Affect Premiums

Most travel insurance companies also use a banding system for their premium rates and travel insurance for over 70 will fall on the higher bands, or even the highest. This is because of the fact that as we grow old, our medical conditions may deteriorate (no matter how well we take care of ourselves). The insurance company sees those over 70 as having a higher risk of filing a claim due to a medical condition or of having to pay for expensive medical claims based on the benefits outlined in the policy.

However, to be fair, the travel insurance company will still look into your health condition to determine the proper premiums for you.

There is a travel insurance product that will fit your needs. Just make sure that you are properly covered so that you know that whatever happens during your trip, you can trust your travel insurance to protect you with the expenses you unexpectedly had to face.

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