What travel insurance plans protect from hurricane evacuation?


There are some travel insurance plans that provide coverage in case you have to be evacuated (by helicopter, plane or other transport) when a hurricane is about to hit the place where you are spending your vacation or business trip. The insurance will also pay in case you have to cancel or delay your trip because of the hurricane or the storm.

Other coverages that may be provided include loss caused by the hurricane or the storm to your principal residence or destination, when this is rendered uninhabitable due to flood, hurricane, fire, burglary or vandalism.

The travel insurance policy will only cover a storm or hurricane that is announced or named after the insurance policy has been issued. This is because storms that become named prior to your purchase of the travel insurance are no longer classified as an unexpected event. It is now considered as a foreseen event. In such case, it is no longer covered by the travel insurance. This kind of provision is aimed to protect the insurance company from claims arising from an event that everybody already knows is about to happen.

Thus, the travel insurance company will not pay for claims arising from hurricanes or storms that have already been named before the travel insurance becomes effective. The insurance company may also specify that it will only cover a hurricane or a storm that is named a specified number of days or weeks after the travel insurance coverage becomes effective.

Some Additional Tips

You may also search the Internet to see the different kinds of travel insurance plans and whether these protect from hurricane evaluation. This type of protection is usually offered under the inclement weather clause, which also covers other types of bad weather conditions - such as tropical storms, tropical depressions, hurricanes, snow storms and floods.

You should also check the extent of the coverage, as to what areas in the world are covered.

Also, check to ensure that the policy includes the term "mandatory evacuation", so that you are assured that any expenses related to your emergency evacuation from the area where the hurricane or storm is about to hit will be paid for by the insurance company.

It is also important to remember that for this to be payable, the common carrier services should be completely halted for at least 24 hours. This means that the insurance company may not pay for the claim if the airlines still have flights in and out of the area.

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