On a travel insurance document what does the phrase "No Personal Liability cover" mean?


In travel insurance policies, you may see an exclusion that states "No Personal Liability cover". What this means is that if someone claims against something you personally damaged or destroyed during your travels, the insurance company will most likely not pay for it. You will have to cover this with your own money.

Personal Liability would mean money that you are legally required to pay because you personally caused damage, loss or injury to a person or to property. The insurance company expects you to take reasonable care of yourself, as well as others so that you, and other people, will be safe.

If you want to be covered against personal liability, you can also have this added to your travel insurance. When you are covered for personal liability, the insurance company will pay, up to the maximum amount specified, for loss, injury or damage that you cause during your travel.


What this commonly excludes as liabilities is damage or loss to property that belongs to or is under your control or of anyone in your household or anyone under your employ. It also excludes aggravated or punitive exemplary damages you are legally required to pay.

Other common exclusions also will not pay for injury or death of people in your household or under your employ, as well as damage or injury caused in the course of your doing your work. It will also not pay when you cause damage using firearms, animals, motorized vehicles and vessels, as well as aircraft. Please read your insurance policy to see the exact terms of the exclusions.

Personal liability cover also excludes damage or injury you caused while you were participating in what is considered as a hazardous activity.

For example, if you injured someone while you were bungee jumping, you can't expect the insurance company to pay for the damage. Hazardous activities or pursuits include, but are not limited to hunting (using guns or any other weapon), mountaineering (with the use of equipment and ropes), steeple chasing, abseiling, racing, or engaging in contact sports where the possibility of harming or injuring someone else is considerably increased.

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