I am planning a long term stay abroad. Should I get travel insurance from my home country or should I buy insurance at the country where I’m going?


In our opinion, it would be more advisable to buy long term travel insurance that has an office in your home country. It makes it easier for you to file a claim, and, when your claim is rejected, to file an appeal for that claim.

You are also able to go to the local insurance commission to file a complaint if you are unsatisfied with how your claim went. This will be hard to do if you're dealing with a travel insurance company that's based in the country you visited.

Of course, with today's technology, you can buy insurance off the Internet, but be sure that you have a number that you can call and an address where you can write to. You would want to have access to the insurance company in case you have inquiries or complaints.

Why Long Term Travel Insurance

Long stay travel insurance, as the name implies, is for those who plan to be traveling for a long time. This may be for those who have decided to go backpacking across the country or to take on temporary employment abroad. 

You need long stay travel insurance, as this will protect you from expenses due to emergency medical and dental treatment, lost personal possessions, coverage for injury caused by a covered sport or activity and a lot more. It is a cost-effective way of protecting yourselves from travel risks, which you need considerably, since you will be traveling for an extended period of time.

You should keep in mind that the level of healthcare in the country where you are going may not be the same as what you're used to. You may want to have your pick of the medical provider in the country.

Long term travel insurance is easily customized to fit your travel needs. Since this product is geared towards those who are on a budget, you can opt to take out some of the benefits that you feel you don't need. For example, if all your worldly goods are in your backpack and it does not cost much, you can save on the premiums for lost baggage insurance. The same thing goes for Money and Personal Effects insurance.

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