Do I need travel insurance for my 3-month old daughter?


Yes, it is advisable for you to obtain travel insurance for your 3-month old daughter, even when she is just still a baby.

Traveling with children is hard enough, but imagine what can happen during your trip. For one, she may get sick or injured during the trip and you would want to protect yourself from steep medical fees when you travel. Having an international travel insurance can also help to ensure that you get prompt service when you need emergency medical treatment.

Providing your daughter with travel insurance will also help in many instances, such as when you have to delay or cancel your flight because she contracts chicken pox right before the day of your departure. And, when your baby is covered with travel insurance, you can confidently take your baby to a doctor abroad without having to worry about the expense. Generally, medical treatment abroad is more expensive than the treatment at home.

Travel insurance will also be useful when your baggage is lost or delayed. Your baby needs a lot of things - diapers, feeding bottles, a change of clothes, baby wipes and a long list of other necessities. Travel insurance will help defray the cost of buying these necessities when your baggage is lost.

Getting Family Travel Insurance

When you are traveling with your family, it is best that you get a family travel insurance plan that covers the members of your family - the parents, as well as a specified number of your children. That means that the insurance for your 3-month old may be free of charge. Check the policy cover to determine how many children are being covered under the travel insurance policy.

When you purchase the travel insurance, your daughter must also be listed as a person being insured by the travel insurance.

Family travel insurance basically works the same way as individual travel insurance. It basically has the same benefits. However, it is also best to check whether the limits and benefits are counted on a per person basis or a per policy basis. That way, you will know just up to what extent your travel insurance will cover you and your baby.

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