I’m going snowboarding! Will my travel insurance be enough to cover this?


In most cases, no. If you bought standard travel insurance, it usually will exclude activities that travel insurance companies consider as hazardous.

Thus you are not covered for snowboarding, as well as downhill skiing, glacier skiing, mono skiing, ski racing, as well as cross country skiing. You will need to add skiing or snowboarding insurance for that.

Travel insurance companies have designed a variety of products that will suit your needs. There are snowboarding insurance policies for short winter breaks, such as backpackers travel insurance for up to 12 months of continuous traveling (and snowboarding).

You can also avail of annual multi-trip travel insurance for more frequent but short ski trips. Single trip policies are usually for holidays that are as short as 1 month. Meanwhile backpacker policies can be effective for up to one year.

Annual multi-trip travel insurance, on the other hand, also provides a year's coverage, but the number of days per trip is limited.

Snowboarding insurance will also cover you in case of loss or damage of snowboarding equipment - whether it's your own or it's rented. It may also pay you for ski-packs you have left unused, as well as for times when you weren't able to snowboard because the pistes are closed. In addition, compensation may be paid if you are delayed in getting to your return flight because there was an avalanche that hit the resort where you were staying.

In case you also cause damage or injury to someone or something, there may be a benefit that helps you pay for what you are legally liable.

Another important benefit you should look into would be whether your snowboarding insurance will cover emergency medical costs, as well as the costs of medical evacuation or expatriation.

Of course, snowboarding travel insurance will also provide you with the standard benefits of travel insurance, including baggage loss and delay, trip curtailment or cancellation, personal liability, personal money and travel delays.

If you have a pre-existing condition, this shouldn't stop you from indulging in snowboarding. If you are suffering from high blood pressure or asthma, the insurance company will first determine the risk you present by a medical screening process. This is sometimes done online or a company representative may call you to ask questions about your medical condition.

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