I am over 60 year old. Is there travel insurance for seniors to cover me?


Who says only the young can travel? Those who are in their 60s also have every right (and usually more money) to enjoy what the world can offer.

However, if you are over 65 you may not be eligible for standard travel insurance, which often poses an age limit. Standard travel insurance commonly only covers those that fall below 65 years of age.

This does not mean that you cannot enjoy the protection of travel insurance. There are travel insurance plans that specialize on protection for seniors, who have differing needs and level of risk. In fact, as you get older, by the time you reach as early as 50 years old, there may be a marked increase in premium rates.

Although this is because the travel insurance companies consider you a higher risk, health wise, this can also be because travel insurance for seniors offer higher cover levels for some benefits. This means that benefits such as medical expenses, trip cancellation or baggage insurance are higher with travel insurance for seniors than it is for standard travel insurance.

The benefits of travel insurance for seniors usually include:

  • Medical expense: Travel insurance for those over 65 usually provides a higher limit for medical-related claims.
  • Luggage insurance: Pays for lost, damaged or delayed baggage.
  • Trip cancellation: Pays for non-refundable and unused portions of your trip in case you have to cancel or cut your trip short because of a covered reason. This includes non-refundable tickets and deposits for hotel reservations.
  • Flight delays: It may compensate for the additional expenses related to flight delays - an extra night at the hotel, plus additional food expenses.
  • 24-hour emergency assistance.

When buying travel insurance for seniors, don't give in to the temptation to get the cheapest. Look for one that best suits your needs and provides you with adequate cover.

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