What's the difference between single trip travel insurance and backpacker travel insurance?


Although single trip travel insurance and backpacker travel insurance basically provide the same benefits, the difference is as to the extent of the coverages and what benefits the plan concentrates on.

Single trip travel insurance is designed for those who are taking one short trip. It is best for those who travel only a few times a year.

Meanwhile, backpacker travel insurance, as the name suggests, is designed with backpackers and campers in mind.

Single Trip Travel Insurance vs. Backpacker Travel Insurance

Single trip travel insurance is usually for those who have a schedule and an itinerary in mind. There is a specified time limit for the number of days that the traveler will be covered. Meanwhile, backpacker travel insurance is mainly for those who do not have a strict schedule or plan. Backpacker travel insurance is geared towards those who are planning to travel for extended periods of time, and who will go from one place or country to another, all in the same trip.

When it comes to protecting one's possessions, single trip travel insurance will only protect personal possessions but will not cover camping equipment (tents, camping gear and sleeping bags). If it does cover such equipment, the maximum benefit is just for one article. However, if you want something more specialized that will cover your camping equipment, you should get backpacker travel insurance instead. Camping equipment can also be quite expensive, so it is best for you to have these covered.

Single trip travel insurance also will not cover activities that are considered "risky", while backpackers travel insurance are for those who want to travel off the beaten track and may involve activities that are riskier.

Which one to choose?

When considering the travel insurance plan that is best for you, check the benefits being provided. It should have a reasonable money-back guarantee, medical insurance coverage for the places you are traveling to, the ability to access details about your policy online, emergency assistance, and insurance protection for the activities you are planning to do.

Backpacker travel insurance is also targeted towards students and those who are budget-conscious. It will also have a specified area of coverage. When applying for backpacker travel insurance, the insurance provider will ask where you are planning to travel and may cover you only for those areas.

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