I’m going scuba diving. Is this covered by my travel insurance?


Scuba diving may and may not be covered by your travel insurance. You should check with your travel insurance to know whether it's covered.

If not, we recommend that you ask your insurance company to add scuba diving cover. This not only protects your diving equipment, but also covers other risks associated with scuba diving, as well as other risks involved while you're on holiday. This includes emergency costs that pertain to diving accidents or injuries, like re-compression and emergency evacuation costs.

It is important to note that your scuba diving cover has specific limitations. It will cover your scuba diving activity only up to specified depths. If you go below this depth, the insurance company will not pay for the claim. If you plan to go deeper, you can ask the insurance company to extend the depth in exchange for additional premium.

The policy may also require that you are PADI qualified, or that you get an equivalent of PADI qualification (when you're in Europe or the UK). If you dive and are not PADI qualified, you will be required to dive under the supervision of an instructor, dive marshal or guide that has been accredited.

There are also conditions as to the timing of your dive. In most cases, scuba diving insurance will exclude any diving you do within 24 hours of your return flight. In addition, the policy will stipulate just how many dives will be covered within one trip.

If you are an avid diver, you should also look into insurance companies that offer annual scuba diving insurance, or insurance on a membership basis.

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