Name a few reputable travel insurance companies?


When it comes to travel insurance, not only are the benefits provided important. You should also be insured with a reputable travel insurance provider you can trust.

Some key indicators when choosing your travel insurance company would be its reputation, its financial stability, as well as how it treats and processes claims from their customers. You should also look for a travel insurance company that provides international cover - especially for medical coverage.

Here are some travel insurance companies and travel insurance agents/brokers you can look into. Mind you, there are others not included in the list. This is just to get you started.

  • World Nomads: Mainly provides bundled packages which include trip cancellation and delay, emergency medical treatment and emergency medical evacuation. Although this company is based in Australia, it provides international cover.
  • Travelex: Widely known and accepted, this provides coverage for airline and supplier default, trip cancellation and delay, emergency evacuation and emergency medical treatment. Most airlines use this as their default travel insurance provider.
  • International Medical Group: provides an extensive range of travel and medical insurance protection. Specializes in insuring expatriates, missionaries and charity volunteers.
  • CSA Travel Protection: Provides the basic insurance protection but does not cover for supplier default.
  • Travel Guard International: Also provides standard travel insurance protection, and includes supplier default and emergency evacuation. However, supplier default is only limited to a specified list of providers and excludes some tour companies and airlines.
  • Highway to Health: Provides trip cancellation and delay, as well as medical evacuation and emergency medical services.
  • Access America: also provides standard travel insurance benefits, as well as supplier default. It also refunds tickets and pays for travel delays due to failure of the airline or cruise ship line to provide the needed transport due to strikes, financial problems, and so on.
  • Safeware: In addition to standard travel insurance protection, it also provides optional cover for expensive equipment such as laptops and personal computers.
  • MEDJET Assistance: This is not really a travel insurance provider. However, for an annual fee, it will provide emergency air transport from any part of the world to a hospital you specify.

Other travel insurance providers include Seven Corners, Travel Safe, Travel Insured, On Call International, and others.

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