Do I need medical travel insurance from USA to Australia?


Yes, you will need medical travel insurance when you are traveling from the United States to Australia (or to any other country for that matter).

Your medical insurance in the USA may not provide full coverage when you get sick or are injured while you are out of the country. Government health insurance plans may pose limits on how much they will reimburse for emergency medical expenses while you are in Australia or in another country. They may also exclude ambulance fees, as well as prescription drugs and emergency dental treatment.

Also, you should not solely depend on your existing health insurance. This is because most health insurance plans do not cover some benefits that they usually provide while you are in the USA. That means that fees for emergency medical transport, as well as other treatment you may need while you are out of the country. If your health insurance does pay for some medical treatments, travel insurance policies that have medical expense coverage can kick in to pay for co-payments or deductibles involved.

There are times when you need to do some traveling in order to receive treatment. There may be treatments that are cheaper when received outside of the USA. However, if you are traveling for the purpose of seeking treatment for a medical condition, chances are, the travel insurance company will deny you coverage. Or, if they do accept your application, that pre-existing medical condition is automatically excluded from the coverage.

Travelling to Australia with a Pre-Existing Medical Condition

If you are able to get travel insurance which includes your pre-existing medical condition, we recommend that you get it. This kind of medical travel insurance is specialized to meet your needs. This is in case you need to pay for emergency evacuation out of the destination country– in this case Australia. This may happen when there is an emergency and the treatment is best done in the USA.

This means that you have to be speedily transported from the country where you are in to your country of residence. This kind of insurance may also include payments for travel expenses for a companion or a spouse, so that he or she can visit, addition physician and hospitalization fees, the cost of transporting minors back home and even travel assistance.

Getting yourself covered while you are traveling for medical purpose will provide you with the peace of mind that even if something bad happens to you, you will have the support and the coverage you may need.

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