Is travel insurance mandatory for traveling to USA?


No. You are not required to have travel insurance before the US Government will allow you into their soil. There are no such requirements if you are just a tourist.

However, those who are applying for J1, F1 and H1 Visas are required to have US health insurance coverage. Having said that, let us remind you of important facts about traveling in the USA and in any country:

  • Medical Costs may be very steep and even prohibitive. If you are not covered for medical expenses, and something bad happens to you and you need to be hospitalized, you may have to shoulder a high hospitalization fee. In fact, the cost of medical treatment and doctor's fees in the USA is very expensive. Let travel insurance help protect you against such expenses.
  • The travel insurance company may also provide valuable assistance during times of emergency. Some travel insurance companies have existing deals with some hospitals and medical clinics and this may help during times of emergency.
  • When you need medications, you are more often than not required to consult with a physician since very few medicines can be bought over the counter. You will have to pay for the doctor's fees in this case.
  • In the event that you need emergency repatriation or evacuation, a travel insurance policy will prove to be a great help in providing for the necessary amount, which can cost quite a lot.

When you consider the fact that it will cost you badly when you get sick or injured while you are traveling, it will indeed be a good idea to have yourself covered with travel insurance when you are traveling to the USA. This will help to protect you against unexpected events that can ruin your vacation and even cripple you financially.

Remember, even if you are covered with health insurance in your own country or may have a company benefits plan, these may prove to be inadequate for possible expenses you may incur.

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