Is there international health insurance designed for students who travel?


An international student who travels to another country should ensure that he has sufficient health and travel insurance. This is so that in case the international student gets sick or injured while studying abroad, he will have assistance when it comes to the expenses.

Insurance companies usually have travel and health insurance plans that are specifically designed to cater to the international student. Depending on the kind of policy being issued, covered medical benefits include outpatient and inpatient expenses charged by a medical clinic or hospital, service fees charged by the doctor, anesthesiologist, surgeon, radiologist or any other specialist, as well as laboratory and diagnostic fees (including ultrasonographic and radiology services).

The insurance plan can also pay for other related charges, such as for casts, dressings, and other hospital supplies that the doctor used while the patient is being treated. The plan may also pay for emergency transport. Please note that these benefits are subject to limits as to the amount, as well as to the number of days payable. These benefits are also subject to deductibles and co-payment amounts.

The health and travel insurance for international students may also provide accidental death and dismemberment benefits, as well as standard travel insurance benefits.

This kind of product is available for full-time international students. These are students who study in a university or a college and are taking full-credit hours. The university where the student is currently enrolled must not be located in the student's home country.

Generally, pre-existing conditions are included in the cover if the student has been continuously insured with the company for at least a year.

Other benefits that can be included in the health and travel insurance plan for international students include coverage for organized sports activities (such as intramural or intercollegiate sports competitions), maternity and newborn care, emergency medical evacuation (when you need to be transported back to your home because of a medical emergency, and emergency dental.

There are even some plans that offer emergency reunion benefits - this provide for the expenses (transportation, as well as board and lodging of a close relative who needs to come to your host country due to your illness.

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