How do I get a travel insurance quote?


When it comes to buying travel insurance, it pays to shop around. Trust us, you can buy a comprehensive travel insurance plan for only a fraction of the amount it will cost you when you buy it from a travel agent!

You can easily get a quote from any of the travel insurance providers you can find in the internet. What you can do is to pick some travel insurance plans that fit your criteria with respect to benefits and premium levels.

Then you can request a quote from the travel insurance provider. To do this, you need to fill out the online form that asks for your details, such as your name, age, the places where you plan to go on your trip, when you will be leaving and when you are expected to return.

You must remember to provide full disclosure of your medical status. If you neglect to tell them about a pre-existing condition, and you have to file a claim for something that was caused by that pre-existing condition, the insurance company will not accept your claim.

For example, if you forgot to tell them that you have asthma and you had an asthma attack the day you were supposed to leave and you missed your flight, the insurance company will deny your claim. This is on the grounds that this claim is for a pre-existing condition and is therefore not covered.

If you want additional coverage for your medical treatment, or if you want to include your pre-existing medical condition in the coverage, they may ask you for further information. They may inquire about your current health standing, and may even request to talk to you extensively about your doctor's diagnosis.

They may indicate that they will give you a call, or may give you a quote outright. The quote is usually emailed to you. Be sure to read the fine print of the policy. It may offer a lot of things, but may also exclude a lot more. So read the terms and conditions of the products before you make the purchase.

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