How to file a travel insurance claim?


You have bought sufficient travel insurance coverage. This coverage protects you against bad and unfortunate things that you wish will not happen to you during your trip. However, something did happen. Now, how can one file a travel insurance claim?

  1. First, when you are hospitalized, it is important to provide the insurance provider with notification, as early as possible. Wait for the insurance company to give their approval for the treatment. If the insurance company deems that the treatment is not medically necessary, it may choose to deny your claim. If you are in an emergency or are incapacitated and can't contact the insurance company, do so as soon as you possibly can. Most insurance companies have a 24-hour helpline that you can call. The number is usually printed on the policy.
  2. Second, if you need emergency evacuation or treatment, it is best to coordinate with the insurance provider. This is because the company may already have tie-ups with companies who provide emergency transport or treatment. Do not try to arrange the evacuation or treatment on your own, unless your life is at imminent risk.
  3. Third, be sure you have the proper documentation. Make sure you keep receipts, prescriptions, doctor's reports and other pertinent documents that will help support your claim and prove that you did get sick or injured and hospitalized.

    For trip cancellation, provide a copy of the tickets, as well as the estimated damage or loss and proof of your reason for cancelling or delaying your trip. For lost or delayed baggage, provide a list of the lost items, as long as receipts of the things you had to buy (like necessary toiletries), as well as the estimated cost of the lost baggage.

  4. Fourth, when you are claiming for lost items, be sure to report the event to the policy and hold on to a copy of the policy report. You may also need a receipt to facilitate the computations as to how much you have lost. A receipt will also prove that you own the product, as well as the actual value of the lost property.
  5. Fifth, you should make the claim as early as you can. Some insurance companies post a limited time period (usually a year) by which you can claim. After this period, you can no longer expect payment for a claim.
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