What is Holiday Travel Insurance? Is it different from the standard travel insurance?


Holiday travel insurance is another name for single-trip travel insurance. This is the kind of insurance that covers short-term travels such as what you have when you are on holiday. It provides you with the standard benefits that you may need in the course of your short trip.

What are these? For one, you may become ill and too sick to go on with your trip. Most pre-paid tickets are non-refundable. Imagine how much you will stand to lose if you already paid for a $3,000 cruise trip, only to cancel at the last minute because you suddenly fell ill! You could also stand to lose the same amount if the carrier suddenly declares bankruptcy. This is just one eventuality you should have yourself protected against.

Other benefits provided by holiday travel insurance include indemnity for loss baggage, medical expenses when you have to go to a hospital while on your holiday or when you need to spend an extra night at the hotel because your flight was canceled or delayed. You can also include medical cover for emergencies where you have to be transported out of the place where you are spending your holiday.

You can also include insurance protection for the activities you plan to do while you are on your holiday. You can add skiing or snowboarding insurance to cover for the possibility that you might take a spill at the slopes. You will have to pay an additional premium for the added cover.

Holiday travel insurance can provide you with protection in the instance that your existing health insurance does not. This includes expenses you may incur while you are hospitalized because of a covered illness or injury.

Holiday travel insurance is designed for you to enjoy your long-awaited vacation. You deserve it - after all, you have saved up for it. Your holiday is your time to let your hair down and not worry about the little details that may mar your enjoyment. Let your holiday travel insurance cover the nitty-gritty things that may happen during your holiday.

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