What travel health insurance companies are good (low deductible, includes vision and dental)?


There are a lot of good deals you can find when it comes to travel insurance. This is because there are a lot of travel insurance providers in the market and they have to be able to compete with each other for your business.

A good travel health insurance plan will usually be quite comprehensive and provide cover for a lot of things, including:

  • trip cancellation,
  • lost and damaged baggage,
  • medical cover (including emergency evacuation, vision and dental),
  • protection of personal belongings,
  • accidental death and dismemberment.

A good travel health insurance plan should also have high benefit limits and low deductibles or co-payments.

The deductibles are what the insurance company would usually ask you to pay as your part of the claim. For example, if you claim for a surgery, the insurance company will pay only the specified amount or percentage, and you will have to pay the rest.

However, if you really want travel health insurance that have a lot of medical benefits and have low deductibles, you should remember that these plans will cost more than your standard coverage, since it provides protection for more eventualities.

Also, as you lower the deductibles, you should expect that the premiums will increase.

There are a lot of travel health insurance companies that offer this kind of travel health insurance plans. You can compare from among different companies to check their travel insurance plans as well as the premiums cost.

As for determining from which insurance company you should make your purchase, what you can do is to conduct some research as to the different travel health insurance companies available as well as the products and travel health insurance plans they offer.

Another way to conduct your research is to look into what other customers think about the company - this may be provided through reviews and forums.

One indication of a good travel health insurance company is not just what they could offer in terms of products and benefits but how they treat claims as well.

  • Are they known for denying claims?
  • Are their claims processes fast and fair?
  • Where is the office located?
  • How easy can you contact them and how will claims be processed and paid?

These are just some questions to ask to help you look for a good travel health insurance company to be your traveling partner.

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