I will be going on a golf holiday, will travel insurance cover my golf clubs?


Generally, no. Golf clubs and golf equipment can be quite expensive and will not be adequately covered by the personal possession insurance provided in standard travel insurance policies. You need to buy golf travel insurance to cover the unique needs of a golfer who is also at the same time on holiday.

With golf travel insurance, you will not only be covered by the benefits already provided in a standard travel insurance policy. Aside from the usual benefits, you can also enjoy coverage for your golf equipment, as well as other golfing fees that you have to forfeit due to covered delays or trip cancellation.

The benefits of golf travel insurance, depending on the kind of insurance provider you may have, may include the following:

  • Insurance for hired golf equipment (where equipment is covered for theft, loss or damage). It can also pay for hiring replacement golf clubs when your clubs are lost or delayed while in transit.
  • Irrecoverable green fees (in case you have to forfeit the fees when you have to cancel your trip or cut it short because of an emergency at home).
  • Medical assistance and treatment (in case you did not hear one golfer shout "fore!" and you get hit squarely in the head with a golf ball, or any other related accident in the golfing green or even outside of it).
  • Medical expenses subject to a specified limit.
  • Liability: The insurance company may pay if you injure or hurt someone while you are playing golf.
  • Business travel insurance.
  • Trip cancellation (including protection for financial failure holiday).
  • Cancellation of green and membership fees (these can be for instances where the weather does not allow you to play. This may be because of high winds, thick fog, frost or snow). The insurance will repay the forfeited green fees.

To claim for lost golf equipment, you need to present the receipt as proof of your payments. You should also be able to show that you have not been negligent in taking care of your equipment. If you leave your clubs just anywhere, don't expect to be paid for your claim.

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