Is it possible to get travel insurance after buying your plane tickets?


Yes, you can get travel insurance even after you have bought your plane tickets. Today's technology allows us to buy travel insurance over the Internet, even at the last minute. However, we recommend that you purchase the Internet not later than the day before your trip.

The advantage of buying travel insurance after you have already bought your plane ticket is that you can already provide the travel insurance company with the details of when your trip will begin (your departure date) and when you are expected to come back home. Also, buying travel insurance on your own and taking time to research and compare different product offerings can provide you with the deal you want.

Have in mind that when you buy travel insurance it can also cover for additional tickets bought for the latter parts of the trip that is being covered by the existing insurance policy. When you buy the travel insurance, you can provide an estimate of the total cost of the trip and insure for that amount. You can also buy insurance for the current amount and then increase the coverage once you already know how much cost is added to your trip.

Buying Travel Insurance at the Last Minute

Be sure to avoid buying your travel insurance at the last minute. The disadvantage with this is that most travel insurance policies do not become effective as fast as you want it to. As such, you may very well have no coverage for the early part of your trip.

Buying travel insurance at the last minute may also mean that you are not able to maximize the benefits that you get from the travel insurance. Some things may be excluded just because you bought the insurance at a later time. For example, if a storm or hurricane has already been named before you bought the insurance policy, the storm or hurricane becomes excluded from the cover.

When travel insurance is not bought together with the plane ticket, there is also the tendency to forget about the travel insurance and only remember that you need it when it's too late.

Recommended Time to Buy Travel Insurance

The best thing you can do is first buy your tickets and then buy your travel insurance immediately after.

Another option you can have, particularly when you are into a lot of traveling during a certain year, is to buy annual trip travel insurance, which can provide insurance for multiple trips in a given period. This way, you don't have to buy travel insurance every time you need to make a trip.

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