Does my employer have to provide travel insurance?


In general, employers are responsible for their employees while they are doing work-related activities or are traveling as a result of a work assignment.

Some states may apply requirements as to what benefits the employers should provide their employees by way of travel insurance and other benefits. However, market forces and the employer's desire to create an attractive workplace can come into play so that even when some benefits are not required, these may still be provided by the employer in order to attract employees.

When you are about to travel on a business assignment, the best thing you can do is to ask your employer if they are providing travel insurance to cover your business trip. The benefits provided by the employer are often listed in the Employee benefits Manual provided upon your employment.

An employer would be wise to provide travel insurance for employees that are assigned to do some traveling, since the employer is ultimately responsible in the event that something happens to the employee. When you as an employee have an accident or suddenly get sick during the trip, the employer will have to pay for the hospitalization and doctor's fees, as well as any emergency transport back to the employee's country of residence.

The same goes for other eventualities, such as cancelled or delayed trips, personal liability and lost baggage. Not to mention that business travel insurance can also be used to provide protection against lost stolen equipment, such as a laptop.

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