How quickly after buying travel insurance online do you receive it?


With today's "instant" technology, you can get your travel insurance policy as soon as you buy it online.

All you need to do when you buy the travel insurance is to select the delivery mode to "online" and the insurance company or insurance agent will confirm the travel insurance cover and will e-mail the policy to you using the e-mail address you provided.

Once you are able to pay for the policy, you can have your travel insurance. Payments using Paypal and similar Internet payment methods, as well as payments using your credit card, will only take a few seconds.

Other options you can also choose for the delivery of your travel insurance policy include regular mail and over-night mail:

  • If you choose regular mail, you can expect to have the travel insurance policy delivered to your home at the speed it normally takes for regular mail to arrive.
  • If you choose over-night mail, the travel insurance website may charge you an extra amount and you can expect to have the policy the next day or the day after that (if the mail is not able to reach the cut-off period for delivery).

Having said that, it is still important to remember that when you are applying for medical coverage, there still may be additional processing to be done. The insurance provider may ask you a few questions about your medical background. If this is the case, you may have to wait before the travel insurance actually takes effect.

There are a lot of advantages with buying travel insurance online. You are able to have access to a lot of plans and you can compare and shop around. This enables you to get the best deal, as well as the extent of insurance coverage you would want.

However, to avoid being victimized by scams in the Internet, you should only deal with reputable insurance providers. When a website offers you travel insurance at rates that are too good to be true, it most often is. It might be that the coverage is not enough, or that there are too many exclusions, the maximum benefit limits are too low, etc.

You should also check that the website is secure, before you give out your account details.

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