Is there a particular travel insurance product I could buy to cover my visit to South Africa?


South Africa is a place that is replete with adventure, nature and astounding beauty. You can get into a safari, soak in the cosmopolitan vibe of Johannesberg or enjoy the wonders of nature of this lovely continent.

You will need travel insurance when you go out of the country, and South Africa is not an exception to this. You will need the standard travel insurance benefits being offered, which includes trip cancellation and trip interruption, medical expense, lost baggage insurance and payments for airline default.

It is easy to buy travel insurance for your holiday in South Africa. Most of the international travel insurance companies will provide insurance coverage for your African safari holiday. Be sure to check the Internet or your travel agent for details about how travel insurance will work in South Africa.

Things to Know When Travelling to South Africa

When it comes to hospital treatments, you will find that there are good hospitals in most of the large cities in South Africa. These, however, can prove to be expensive. On the other hand, the hospitals located in the rural areas can be pretty simple and basic. Thus, you may need to prepare for emergency transport in case you are injured or sick.

However, there may be restrictions as to the countries you will be visiting, as well as the activities you will be indulging during your travels. There may also be a perceived increase in the health risk so you should expect a higher premium for travel insurance in South Africa. The insurance policy will usually provide a list of the countries that are excluded from cover, as well as the activities you should avoid.

It must be noted that South Africa has a high crime rate, although most of the crimes are done away from most of the major tourist sports in the continent. The governments have exerted their utmost best to secure the safety and enjoyment of their tourists. However, it would pay to keep yourself insured so that expenses are covered.

Petty crime is also high, especially around major transport systems, like international airports, trains and bus stations. Thus, you have to be on the alert while you travel. Keep your valuable personal possessions without you at all times, including jewelry, passports and money. The same goes for expensive cameras and cell phones.

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