Can I still buy travel insurance if I want to be covered for pre-existing medical conditions?


Yes, even though standard travel insurance plans exclude pre-existing medical conditions, there are specialized travel insurance products designed to cover you for claims arising from a pre-existing medical condition.

This is called pre-existing medical travel insurance. It is not as simple to buy this kind of insurance as compared to standard travel insurance, which can immediately take effect once the travel insurance company confirms your cover.

With travel insurance for pre-existing medical conditions, you have to provide medical information to the travel insurance company. They will require that you submit to some medical check-ups.

Who should buy pre-existing medical travel insurance?

Pre-existing medical travel insurance are for those who have been sick or have received treatment for an illness and who would like to include this condition in the provided by the travel insurance. That means that when he files a claim due to the medical condition, the insurance company will be obliged to pay for it.

For example, if a person files under trip cancellation because he had to cancel his flight because he had another mild stroke, the insurance (under certain conditions) will pay the claim.

Pre-existing conditions may be minor, or may be as serious as cancer. The period being looked into is usually 6 months prior to the start of the travel insurance coverage. In some cases, though, medical conditions that hark back to five years (such as cancer) will be analyzed to determine whether the insurance company will accept the risk or not.

You should provide full disclosure of your medical condition at all times. Otherwise, the travel insurance company may deny your claim.

Conditions for Issuing Pre-Existing Medical Travel Insurance

There are also some conditions when pre-existing medical travel insurance is issued. You must show that you have fully controlled the condition using medication and that this control has continued for some time now. You must also show that you have no need for additional medical treatment during the duration of your trip.

Be also mindful that this kind of insurance means that you have to buy this before the deadline specified by the travel insurance provider. You should also be allowed by your doctor to travel or show that you are medically able to travel.

This kind of travel insurance also means that you have to pay for additional premiums in order for the pre-existing medical condition to be covered.

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