What kind of cover does business travel accident insurance provide?


As the name suggests, business travel accident insurance usually caters to the needs of the busy businessman, who may be bringing expensive equipment (and thus having the risk of losing it while on a trip).

For employers who send their employees abroad, it is a good idea to have them covered with business travel accident insurance. This is a way of showing the company's consideration and care for their employee's well-being.

You are also protecting the company against unexpected expenses that the company is responsible for in the event that the traveling employee falls sick or gets into an accident. Your company's people are, after all, your most valuable asset and you would want to protect that asset.

Business travel accident insurance is very similar to single trip holiday insurance, but the benefits are tweaked towards the needs of the business traveler. Single trip holiday insurance usually does not cover expensive equipment such as computers and laptops. It also excludes money carried for the operation of one's business. Thus, business travel accident insurance comes in handy when the business traveler finds that his laptop has been stolen, or that he has missed a connecting flight to another destination.

There are also business travel accident insurance that also includes benefits like medical evacuation and emergency expatriation, accidental death and dismemberment, identity theft protection and services, as well as kidnap and ransom benefits. This travel insurance plan also provides medical cover at any part of the world.

There are also other optional insurance coverages you can add to your existing business travel accident insurance: hijacking and other acts of terrorism, emergency transport (when the insured has to be transported by extraordinary transport when public transport breaks down or is discontinued because of accidents, strikes or adverse weather conditions.

If the insured business person would also like to include the spouse and children that are traveling with him, he can opt to provide them cover. There may also be coverages for rehabilitation expense, felonious assault, personal liability, business liability, and indemnity for temporary or permanent total disability.

Business travel accident insurance can be bought to insure the value of the trip, it can also be designed according to a specified multiple of one employee's salary.

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