What are the benefits of ski insurance?


Ski insurance is a must-have for your skiing holiday. With ski insurance, you are covered for any eventuality even as you enjoy your skiing adventures. This specialized insurance can provide protection not just for skiing but for other winter activities as well. It can also protect against equipment and skiing fee losses.

Your ski insurance policy usually includes the following benefits:

  • Medical expenses for accidents while you are skiing.

    You have to check with the policy, though to check whether this is limited only to piste skiing. There are some that cover off-piste skiing under a given set of circumstances. Depending on your policy, you are not limited to just skiing. Your policy may also cover your winter sports, like glacier skiing, mono skiing, cross country skiing, recreational ski racing, snow boarding (including on and off piste as well as glacier snowboarding). Of course, there may be conditions for these to be considered payable. Please check your policy's coverage.

  • Replacement or repaid of equipment.

    If your equipment is destroyed, lost or stolen during your skiing holiday, the insurance company may provide you with all or a portion of the value of the equipment. It may also pay for repairs or to replace the equipment. Remember that there is a distinct difference between replacement cost and the payment of the equipment's current value, so check the terms being covered.

  • Unused ski packs.

    If you have ski packs that are not used, this is covered in the policy.

  • Closed piste.

    If the slopes are closed because of a covered reason - no snow, or another reason.

  • Trip delay on your return journey.

    If there is a delay in your trip going back home because of an avalanche, this is similarly covered.

  • Personal liability

    This covers the amounts you legally are required to pay when you cause damage or injury to someone or something.

  • Emergency medical support
  • Payments for airlift or emergency evacuation.

    This may include helicopter or air ambulance recovery.

With all these benefits, buying ski insurance makes real and practical sense. It makes you enjoy a hassle-free skiing holiday!

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