Can I have the basic travel insurance benefits, as I am over 80?


Yes, you still can. There is an increasing number of travel insurance companies that provide insurance protection for those who are over 80.

While once it was next to impossible to get insurance for people of this age, it is now a recognized fact that those over 80 can still enjoy traveling and actually do. Pensioners can readily afford paying for their travel, as well as travel insurance. That is why some (but not all) travel insurance companies also now provide travel insurance plans for those over 80 and the plans are designed to meet the needs of traveling pensioners.

And we highly recommend that you get travel insurance, so that when an unfortunate circumstance happens while you are on holiday, you won't have to shoulder all of the unexpected expenditures.

With travel insurance for over 80s, you can enjoy the standard benefits provided by travel insurance policies including baggage insurance, personal possessions insurance, legal costs, trip cancellation and trip curtailment. However, pre-existing conditions are particularly excluded.

At this age, the premiums will be the highest in the bracket (although it was not as expensive as it used to be). This is because insurance companies feel that the risks involved with someone over 80 falling sick and needing hospitalization or claiming against their benefits due to illness is high.

A good travel insurance plan for octogenarians provides comprehensive protection so that you are covered for almost all eventualities. It is wiser to do this than to buy the standard travel insurance you have previously bought. It will also come cheaper if you buy coverage for only for the duration of your trip, and not buy annual travel insurance. Although annual multi-trip travel insurance for this age is very rare to find. Single trip travel insurance for those over 80 would provide a more targeted coverage, as the company already knows where you are going and can fashion the product according to your needs.

When applying for the travel insurance, be sure to declare the medical conditions you already have or are awaiting diagnosis for.

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