I’m planning to go to Australia, what particular travel insurance do I need?


When going to Australia (and to other places for that matter), you should get travel insurance coverage to protect you from any eventualities that may happen during your trip. Indeed, there is an adage that says that "If you can't afford to buy travel insurance, you really can't afford to travel." You will be exposing yourself to risks that you will have to face by yourself - hefty hospital bills, forfeited deposits and no emergency assistance in a place far away from home.

Australia is an excellent place for an adventure. You can dive and explore the Great Barrier Reef, go nature tripping and camping at the many nature parks, drive across the country... these, and so much more are the Australia has to offer. Yes, this country is not the world's largest island for nothing.

Depending on what you plan to do in Australia, you can have yourself covered with:

  • single trip insurance (for short breaks),
  • gap year insurance (if you plan to fully explore the country and would need more time),
  • backpackers insurance (if you plan to do some backpacking with your mates),
  • or other kinds of travel insurance that aims to provide specialized cover for "riskier" activities.

The excitement and enjoyment of getting to know Australia should not be marred by stressful things such as lost baggage, missed flights, or stolen camping equipment. That is why we strongly recommend that you have yourself insured with travelers insurance. There are insurance companies that also provide 24 access so that you have help in dealing with emergencies.

A good travel insurance that you can buy for your trip to Australia should have adequate medical insurance (with protection for expenses due to illness or injury, as well as emergency evacuation) and trip cancellation insurance (which protects your investment on nonrefundable tickets or deposits).

It should also protect against stolen, lost or delayed baggage, delays in the travel schedule and allowances for additional travel and accommodation due to delays or any other insurable event.

When you are looking for more adventure, check your proposed insurance policy to see whether you are adequately protected against risks posed by the activities you plan to indulge in. Check if the policy covers against bungee jumping, mountain climbing, backpacking and any other exciting activities you plan to do in Australia.

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