Is it possible to ask for a discount when I buy travel insurance?


Why not? You won't lose anything by asking your travel insurance provider for a discount. And if this is given to you, well, then, good on you (as the Australians would say).

You can do this best by buying directly from the travel insurance company and not from the travel agent. In doing this, you get rid of the "middleman" and the commissions he will charge. The travel insurance company also has the capacity to provide the discount you are asking for.

It is best for you to look into all possible avenues where you can save on the premiums (which is very much like having a discount).

  • One, check whether your credit card provides free travel insurance when you book your flights and accommodations using the card. Although the travel insurance is not that comprehensive, it can be a start and if ever you need to buy more coverage, you'll just need to concentrate on the benefits that are not already covered.
  • Two, you can also look into what your airline has to offer. Sometimes, the airline ties up with the travel insurance company to provide you with travel insurance at a very low cost or free, even.
  • Three, you can look into increasing the deductible to bring the premiums down. When you double the deductible amount, this can mean a premium "discount" of up to 10 percent. 
  • Four, consider the types of travel insurance plans being provided. There are travel insurance products that offer lower premiums for those who are still young. If you are in your 20s, it may be advisable to look for this product. In place of a product that has one premium rate for all ages, if it is to your advantage, look for some plans that provide lower premiums for younger travelers.
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