Is my air travel insurance included in my airplane ticket?


No, not necessarily.

That is the reason why you should purchase this, if you don't plan to buy travel insurance that will cover your entire trip, at least buy insurance that will cover your plane trip.

Air travel insurance is something that you can buy whether you are traveling out of the country or just within the country's borders. This insurance will cover you as you board the plane, get on with your flight and as you deplane. The duration of this policy is for a single flight.

For the budget conscious, it will be helpful to get this since most of the possible crises that can happen during a trip will be in relation to your flight. You may miss a connecting flight because the first leg of your trip was delayed. Your baggage may go missing. You may have to miss a flight because of an emergency situation at home. Or else, you may need to reschedule a flight or arrange for other transport because of adverse weather conditions that prevent airplanes from flying. Another possibility would be a civil or political disturbance that prevents airlines from operating.

These are just some of the instances where air travel insurance can help. There are also some plans that cover eventualities from the time you leave home on your way to the airport or from the time you leave the airport on your way home. The plan can also cover accidental death, as well as emergency dental and emergency medical.

Since this is a sort of basic travel insurance, it usually does not have age limits and do not require medical exams. However, some providers do impose an age limit on this product. All you need to do is answer a few questions about your current medical condition. Try to buy insurance that will cover you on the date the trip starts. When doing so, coordinate the time zones, so that you are still covered during the time you arrive at your destination.

You can buy this insurance through a travel agent or through the Internet. You can also purchase this at the airport.

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