Are accidents during my airline flight covered by either my life insurance or my travel insurance?


One's life insurance covers most eventualities that result in death, including airline flights. However, depending on the terms and conditions of your travel insurance, it may also provide indemnity for accidental death and dismemberment.

Thus, your beneficiaries may receive indemnities from both your life insurance and your travel insurance, if an accident happens to you during an airline flight. The Accidental Death and Dismemberment benefit will cover this. This will provide you with a specified amount when the covered eventualities are caused by accident. This includes death, dismemberment (when you lose a limb, your sight, or your hearing). This coverage is for accident while you are a passenger of a commercial airline and will protect you for events while you are on the airplane or on an airplane transportation or conveyance that will transfer you to or from the plane. In fact, flight life insurance is commonly added to airline flight insurance.

Airline flight insurance will cover even more - it will also provide protection for baggage loss or delay, medical evacuation or medical repatriation and emergency travel assistance.

There are different types of benefits one can add to the airline flight insurance. This can include airline trip cancellation coverage, which reimburses you for whatever expenses you could lose if you were not able to make your flight.

There are, of course, specified reasons that are covered. Usually it will pay if you were not able to make it to your flight because you, a travelling companion or a close family member got injured or sick before the flight. There are also some kinds of airline trip cancellation coverage that protects you when you need to cancel your flight because your house is damaged because of a natural disaster (such as a flood, earthquake or hurricane) or when there is terrorist activity.

Aside from this airline flight insurance may also cover for trip interruption, when you have to cut your trip short because of the reasons also covered for trip cancellation. This will reimburse you for the unused part of your journey, including hotel deposits and airline tickets.

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