Will title insurance protect me against false claims that arose after I purchased the property?


No, a standard title insurance property usually does not protect your title against false claims that arise after you buy the property. It will usually only cover for problems that happen before the ownership is transferred to you.

If you are concerned against false claims that fall after the property transfer, you can get an extended title insurance policy. For an extra premium fees, this insurance coverage will help to protect you for:

  • Cases of identity theft that results in a new mortgage on your property
  • Zoning violations committed by the previous owner
  • Liens placed by sub-contractors who claims that they have not been paid by the builder
  • Illegal appropriation or occupation of the property (such as a neighbor building on the property without your permission or knowledge)

This is an important concern, as problems may not crop up during the time that you closed the deal with the previous owner. The issues may appear at the time you want to sell the property.

The title insurance will help you defend your claim on your property against false claims. This includes legal expenses and other expenses to clear up encroachments against your title.

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