What is the procedure for submitting property title insurance claims?


Claiming for property title insurance is very much like claiming for other types of insurance. All you need to do is notify the insurance company about the claim, complete the claims form and then submit the necessary documents that will support your claim.

If you are notified about a possible claim against your property, or if a cloud in the title may jeopardize your ownership rights, you should contact the title insurance company as soon as you can. This will provide them with time to prepare their defense for your property, and to examine your documents to determine whether your claim is payable under your title insurance policy.

Once the insurance company receives your claim, a claims investigator or claims adjuster will talk to you to verify further and to help you with the claim. Give the insurance company enough time to process your claim.

When submitting a claim for property title insurance, here are some things you should remember:

  • Submit your claim in writing.

    Your claims adjuster will not be able to provide you with advice or a ready answer as to how your claim will go. They must receive the claim in writing and that's when they can start looking into the claim.

  • Provide the documents.

    But be sure that you also have copies of the documents in your possession. As much as possible, keep the original documents and provide copies to the insurance company. These pertinent documents include payment demands (from the one claiming an interest in the property in question), the copy of the title you have. You must note, though, that the insurance company would often ask you to show them the original documents. Documents include letters, invoices or bills sent to you regarding the claim.

  • Have your policy details ready.

    In fact, it will be good to have your policy ready when you start filling up the online claims form. That way, you can easily provide the information being asked in the claims form. Include your name, contact details, a description of why you are claiming, as well as the location of your property. Also, provide the contact details of the other party involved, as well as the contact details of your lawyer, if you have already hired one.

  • Be prompt in notifying the insurance company.

    Any delay may adversely affect your claim since the insurance company would like to have sufficient time to also prepare the defense with regards to your ownership of the title. Delays may also mean penalties that you (and the insurance company) could have avoided but are now required to pay. Even if you feel that you don't have the complete documents and information, it will be good to notify the insurance company immediately after your title is challenged by another party.

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