Do I need an attorney for a warranty deed with title insurance?


It is highly recommended that you get an attorney or a real estate professional to help you accomplish the warranty deed with title insurance.

After all, a warranty deed contains terms and conditions that both parties - the seller and the buyer should agree on. As the seller, there are some guarantees that you give to the buyer, like the guarantee of being the one to defend the title in case a claim comes up.

Even if you are able to draft the warranty deed by yourself, you may not be aware of pertinent legal issues that an experienced real estate attorney can identify and point out. So it is always good to seek professional advice so that you are more confident about the transaction, knowing that all legal issues are covered.

As lay people, we do tend to get confused about legal matters. A real estate attorney has had training on complex matters of real estate laws, as well as sufficient experience on these. That way, your claim and ownership on the properly can be legally documented and protected.

Getting an experienced lawyer's advice is important when you are in the process of getting a warranty deed with title insurance. The laws regarding this may vary from state to state and to ensure that you have properly performed the warranty deed, you have to know if you are following the rules specified in the state where you are buying the property.

You can either ask the attorney to draft the warranty deed for you or you can ask for advice regarding the deed that you have prepared by yourself.

A real estate attorney can help you determine any title exceptions. Exceptions refer to instances where the owner of the title has already signed off ownership or control over a pertinent aspect of the property. Examples would be the owner's signing off control over a shared driveway. This way, you can talk it out with the owner and seller of the lot and help resolve the issue.

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