Is there an insurance policy that combines mortgage insurance and long term care insurance?


Some life insurance companies come out with products that answer the needs of their prospective customers. And so, yes, there may be an insurance policy available that combines mortgage insurance and long term care insurance.

A form of insurance that is a mixture of mortgage insurance and long term care insurance would be mortgage protection payment insurance with long term care. This would enable the insured to pay off their mortgage in the event that they die, become critically ill or meets with a serious accident.

The benefits provided would usually be a percentage of the insured person's monthly income or salary. This is meant to cover mortgage related expenses, as well as the cost of long term care (including residence in a hospice or private nursing care).

These benefits are usually tax free and are subject to maximum limits.

There are also other insurance companies that include unemployment as one of the covered causes for the insured to claim against.

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