Can you give me tips on how to file a claim on title insurance?


Here are a few simple steps in filing a claim on title insurance:

  1. Get the title insurance policy and read its terms and conditions. Knowing exactly what the title insurance covers will help you when you file a claim. Get a copy of your policy or a copy of the HUD-1 Settlement Statement. The HUD-1 Settlement Statement is proof that you have already paid for a title insurance policy.
  2. Determine who to send your claim to. Know the company's name, address as well as the name of the title underwriter.
  3. File the claim by writing a letter that explains what the claim is all about. You can also ask for a claims form from the insurance company and will this out. Attach documents that will support this claim. This includes legal documents like a demand letter. Send this letter or claims form through registered mail. Address it to the claims department of the title insurance company.
  4. Before you pay or respond to demand letters related to the property and the title, you have to let your title underwriter know, so that they can also make steps to defend your interest in the property.
  5. Wait for the receipt of the registered mail. This will confirm that your letter has been received by the insurance company. To speed up the processing, you can call them and determine who is in charge of your claim.
  6. When your claim is rejected, you can try to appeal and negotiate so that you can amicably settle your claim. If you still are not satisfied as to how the claim is settled, you can go to the state insurance commission to ask for help and advice.

The processing of the claim should be prompt, since there are cases when time is of the essence. This may be true if you are trying to sell the property and there is a danger that the buyer may change his mind or find another property to buy if there is a delay on your part.

If the delay in dealing with the title problem results in a loss, you may also claim for this.

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