I want to become a title insurance agent. How do I become one?


A title insurance agent basically sells title insurance products to clients.

To become one, you will need to have the following qualifications/requirements:

  • Become licensed in the state or states you are planning to sell the title insurance products. There are various requirements and these may vary from state to state. It is best that you check the requirements for your particular state. Otherwise, you should be employed by a title insurance company.
  • A background in doing title duties, such as title searching and closing. Or, if you don't have this, you should have pre-licensing training so that you are well-versed with the items in details of title insurance.
  • Register your company under the state.
  • Apply for the licensing test. You may do this online by looking for the appropriate testing center. Then, when you pass the licensure exam, you can apply for a license.
  • Even after you get the license, the state may require you to get continuing education. This will require a specified number of hours, depending on whether you are a licensed attorney or not.

Other things that will be helpful as a title insurance agent will be:

  • Sales training.
  • A background in real estate or real estate law.
  • Your own personal style of selling title insurance. Keep in mind, there is very little variation in the title insurance products. What you should have would be a solid relationship with your clients as well as some sales savvy.
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