How to check if I have title insurance on my property?


To check, ask the real estate agent or office that closed the deal on your transaction if you are indeed covered with title insurance. They will provide you with the contact information of the title insurance company and you can call them to ask for a copy of the title insurance policy. This will cover the homeowner's title insurance.

You can also look at the closing statement. It may have information as to who performed the title check and whether there is a title insurance policy issued on the property.

As for the lender's title insurance, you are sure to have this coverage since the lender will not approve your loan unless you provide them with lenders title insurance. Even if you're the one who paid for the policy, the copy of the insurance will be sent to the lender and not to you. If you want a copy of the lender's title insurance, you can ask the lender for a copy.

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