Will a pet insurance company cancel your pet insurance if you make a claim?


No, it will not.

Coverage will continue until the end of the policy term and as long as the policy stays effective. This means until the pet insurance policy expires or until you decide to cancel the policy before its expiry.

However, depending on the type of pet insurance you have, your claim for this year may be excluded in the subsequent years.

Will lifetime pet insurance policy exclude the claim?

The lifetime policy provides continued coverage for an illness already claimed against for the succeeding terms of the policy. Usually in this case, even if there is a claim on one year, the insurance company will still pay for claims for this disease in the next years.

However, there are also limits to the coverage. The limits may be stated as "per year", "per condition", or "per condition per year".

  • "Per year" limits pay up to a specified amount for the policy year.
  • "Per condition" pays for claims against that condition up to the limit specified. So once the limit is met, succeeding claims on the illness will not be payable, but you can still claim on other illnesses.
  • "Per condition per year" provides a limit to claims for an illness within a given policy year. After the policy is renewed, the insurance company may opt to "top-up" your limit, meaning the limit is reset to zero for the new policy year.

Will non-lifetime pet insurance policy exclude the claim?

The non-lifetime policy means that you have to renew every year and the insurance company will decide whether to insure you or not and what pre-existing conditions are to be listed and excluded. If there is a claim for a specific illness, this illness will be counted as a pre-existing condition and will be excluded from the coverage in the succeeding years. That means if your pet is sick for a pre-existing condition, you will have to shoulder the expenses yourself.

For example, if your pet has been insured for two years and within that period, there was a claim for hip dysplasia. On the third year you have another claim for hip dysplasia. The insurance company will not pay for the claim.

Thus, a claim will not mean that your pet insurance company will cancel the policy, but that there will be additional exclusions to your coverage. This is assuming that your pet is still within the eligible age for coverage.

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