Why Should I get Pet insurance? Won’t I be better of saving those premiums and using that to pay for the treatments?


It depends on how you see your pet. Is your pet a part of your family and are you willing to spend for its health or is your pet expendable - something that you can easily replace?

It also depends on whether you can afford unexpected medical treatments for your pet.

These factors will determine whether you should get pet insurance since it is a necessity or you just leave everything to chance, hoping for the best and hoping that your pet does not get sick or injured.

We don't hesitate to get insurance for ourselves, since we know the financial impact of needing unexpected and expensive medical treatments for ourselves will be on our budget. Let's extend the same to our pets, who serve as a great source of friendship and companionship to us and to the other members of our family.

Here are some reasons why you should get pet insurance:

  • Unexpected illnesses or accidents. Of course, we don't want our pets to be sick. We don't want them to be injured in an accident. However, no matter what precautions we do, our pets can get sick and can be injured. And this can happen at times when we least expect it. As a result, we are faced with expenses for our pet's treatment that, more often than not, is not included in our budget.
  • Increasing fees for medical treatment. Prices are going up, even in the veterinary services sector. Insurance will help in alleviating heavy medical treatment costs. Also, veterinary care is getting specialized and there are now more services available for the pet. These services are also expensive.
  • Discounts on fees and other pet-related services. Pet insurance companies are able to tie up with veterinary clinic to provide discounts not just on the vet's services, but on other areas as well. Even when some of these are not covered by your policy, the insurance company may be able to provide you with discounts for vaccinations, spaying or neutering surgery, routine check-ups and laboratory tests.
  • Benefits. Aside from coverage for medical treatments, pet insurance can provide life insurance coverage, replacement for lost or stolen pets, pet wellness programs, as well as burial or cremation expenses.

Many will feel that pet insurance is just a waste of one's money. To be fair on yourself and on your pet, you should closely study the different aspects of pet insurance to determine the reasons why you should get your pet covered. That way, you are able to provide your pet with quality care to promote its health and quality of life.

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