Why buy cat insurance?


With the rising costs in pet health care, as well as the possibility of injury or illness being incurred by your cat, it is only logical that you prepare for the medical expenses that you might face. Buying cat insurance is one way of showing that we care for our feline friend and that we want to also prepare for its future medical needs.

A good cat insurance policy will help you pay for medical treatment. Surveys say that one in every three pets will need emergency medical treatment each year. It also says that close to 70% of pets will experience a major health problem during their lifetime. It is not joke to have to shell out these expenses wholly out of your own pocket.

Benefits of Cat Insurance

With cat insurance, you can enjoy the confidence and peace of mind that comes from the fact that your pet is covered. You have the freedom to choose your preferred provider since you can now afford to go and visit the best veterinarians in your city.

It will also pay for diagnostic tests such as:

  • MRIs
  • CAT scans
  • X-rays
  • Laboratory and blood tests

Depending on the plan you choose, you can also claim for services provided by chiropractic veterinarians and specialists.

However, cat insurance is not only limited to providing for medical-related expenses. It can also pay for prescription food, third party liability, end-of-life expenses (like euthanasia), and accidental death benefits.

Other benefits that you can get through cat insurance would be:

  • Boarding fees. If you are hospitalized, the insurance will pay for the costs of boarding and caring for your pet during your hospitalization.
  • Recovery costs. If your cat gets lost, the insurance will help pay for printing posters about your missing cat, as well as other related advertising expenses. There are also some plans that pay for the reward you can offer if your cat is returned.
  • Accidental death or loss of your cat. If your cat dies accidentally, the insurance can pay for the replacement cost of your pet, as well as burial or cremation expenses.
  • Trip cancellation insurance. In case your pet gets ill and you have to cancel a scheduled trip, your insurance can help to recover the cost of nonrefundable tickets and deposits.
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