What VPI dog insurance plans are available?


VPI, or Veterinary Pet Insurance has a lot of dog insurance plans that you can avail of. These have various benefits and benefit levels so that you can choose something that fits what you can afford in terms of monthly insurance premiums, as well as have some level of coverage for your dog.

  • There is a basic dog insurance plan that mainly covers unforeseen expenses due to illness and injury on your dog.
  • There is also a "lifetime cover" plan, which allows existing and chronic illnesses to be continually covered even when the policy is renewed.
  • There are also dog wellness plans that include a holistic approach to your dog's health - alternative treatments, prescription medication, regular check-ups and diagnostics, as well as x-rays, MRIs and other laboratory tests.

The good thing about VPI dog insurance plans is that even the basic plans are fairly comprehensive, as well as affordable. It provides payment for veterinarian's fees, as well as consultations, prescription drugs, and more.

The VPI dog insurance provides an itemized benefit schedule that lists the specific medical diagnoses and the available reimbursable amounts for each. These amounts are applicable during the term of the policy (usually one year). Upon renewal, the schedule may be subject to change and adjustments.

The advantage of a benefit schedule for each insurance plan is that you know exactly how much you stand to receive when you make a claim.

However, it is important to note that because VPI bases its payments mainly on the benefit schedule, it does not base it on the actual veterinarian's bill. This may mean lower reimbursement levels, since the payments will be limited to what the schedule prescribes. A deductible will also be included in the computation.

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