What is VIP pet insurance and how is it different from standard insurance cover?


As the name suggests, VIP pet insurance is for your very important pet.

Unlike standard insurance cover which only pays for unexpected injuries or illnesses, VIP pet insurance provides a more comprehensive coverage. It will also include predictable veterinary expenses, such as routine medical check-ups and laboratory tests, as well as vaccinations and spaying or neutering. A VIP plan may also include several other benefits that will help you ensure that your dog is always in tip top shape.

In short, a VIP pet insurance plan is a "souped-up" version of a standard insurance plan. The standard cover gives you the basics, while the VIP cover provides you with a long list of other benefits.

A VIP insurance plan also provides higher benefit limits, as compared to a standard package. Of course, because of the added benefits and higher maximum benefit levels, the premiums will also be considerably higher, as compared to a standard pet insurance coverage.

Although this plan may be named differently from one insurance company to another, a VIP pet insurance plan is usually offered by most insurance companies.

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