What is Veterinary Pet Insurance? What benefits can it provide?


Veterinary Pet Insurance or VPI is one of the largest (and established) pet health insurance companies. It was established by veterinarians with the aim to provide affordable pet healthcare, where the pet owners make the decision on what's best for their pet, instead of the insurance company making the decision for them.

Veterinary Pet Insurance boasts of an extensive network and can cover pets residing in the United States.

Sadly, there have been cases when the pet owner, who is not insured and who could not afford to pay for the veterinary treatments, had to make the unfortunate and difficult choice to euthanize a pet. This does not have to be so, that is why VPI aims to enable pet owners to afford the treatments that the pet needs to have a long and healthy life.

VPI is primarily insurance on a reimbursement basis and will pay for treatments due to injury and illness. The standard plan will provide payments for

  • veterinarian's fees,
  • surgery,
  • hospitalization,
  • prescribed medication and
  • anesthesia.

If you want more coverage, you can opt for additional coverage by upgrading to a higher plan. This can cover

  • routine veterinary care,
  • dental care (such as cleaning and teeth extraction),
  • diagnostic testing (laboratory tests, x-rays, blood tests) and
  • vaccination and immunization.

VPI also offers wellness plans that can provide payments for alternative therapy and other wellness treatments, such as spaying or neutering heartworm and flea eradication.

VPI will also allow a "pre-existing" and chronic condition to be covered even after a policy has been renewed. This is not the case for other pet insurance companies, because when you claim for an illness, they will pay for it but when you extend the pet insurance policy, that illness will be excluded.

VPI allows pet owners to easily file their claims, since the claims form can be downloaded from their website. You can then have the veterinarian sign the form and attach the veterinarian's bill and receipt. The website's guarantee is that the claims will be processed within two weeks.

Aside from quality medical benefits, VPI also has a database for lost pets as well as valuable pet care information. You can visit the website to get insights from veterinarians about your pet's behavior and what actions will be best to ensure that your pet is healthy.

The coverage is for dogs, cats, as well as a long list of exotic and small pets.

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